Welcome to the Jagiellonian University Medical College in Kraków!

Prof. dr hab. Jerzy Walocha

Head of the School Council


Dear Applicants,

It is my pleasure to welcome you within the confines of the oldest Polish University, the rich history of which spans over 650 years. Still, the university halls alone would be no more than walls if it has not been for the people who create the academic society. Jagiellonian University Faculty of Medicine is a vibrant community of scholars and students seeking for knowledge through understanding.

Diversity has always been one of the most important values cherished at the Jagiellonian University. Even in its early days, in the times Jagiellonian University’s famous graduate, Nicolaus Copernicus, over 40% of the student body were foreigners. We like to see our School as an environment integrating people from different cultural backgrounds. Among holidays that we celebrate together are Thanksgiving, the National Day of Norway and University Day.
Studying medicine is a complex and enthralling experience. It integrates such diverse fields as science, technology, arts and humanities. All of the above is applied to better help those who suffer from ailments of the body. Studying medicine, and later being a doctor is a never-ending quest to improve human health. Nonetheless, studying at the Jagiellonian University School of Medicine in English is not only about hard work. We encourage our students to follow their other passions, such as art (movie-making) or sports (swimming, biking) for example.

School of Medicine in English is a part of the Jagiellonian University Faculty of Medicine. It offers a 5 year dental, and 4 and 6-year medical curricula to students from all over the world. Classes are run in small groups, in compliance with European and American standards which enables direct student-teacher and student-patient contact. Our Graduates receive a diploma of a physician (equal to Medical Doctor or Dental Doctor Degree) that allows them to apply for residency programs in their home countries.
If medicine is your calling there is no better place to study it than the Jagiellonian University, School of Medicine in English. We look forward to receiving your application.

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