Document submission for enrolment – Covid-19 safety protocol


Dear Freshmen, 

This is to remind you of the final deadline for submission of the documents required for your enrolment to the JU MC SME (September 28, 2020). 

Below are instructions on how to deliver the documents to the School Office, taking into consideration the Covid-19 safety protocol. 

  1. The documents need to be deposited at the School Office – room no. 4 by September 28, 2020. 
  2. To ensure staff safety, the documents need to be placed in a paper envelope A4 format signed with the Student’s full surname, name and study program (medicine or dentistry). The envelope must remain unsealed. 

Note: If you wish to receive the original of your high school diploma back upon inspection, please make the following annotation on the envelope: Originals to be returned to the student. 

       3. Envelopes must be placed in designated containers, where they will be quarantined for 48h before further processing. 

       4. When coming to deposit the document, you must bring with you your passport (or dowód osobisty – in case of Polish nationals, where applicable). A staff member will take a copy of the document to verify the information provided by you in the OAS. The copy will be placed in the envelope with the rest of your documents. 

       5. Once the documents have been quarantined and processed, you will receive an email asking that you come to the office to retrieve the documents (if applicable), sign the paperwork officiating your enrolment, and collect your student ID.  

Note: This will only be possible by appointment. Walkin visits will not be served. 

      6. To avoid congregating, please arrive individually (that is not in groups, and unaccompanied by family members or friends). One person in the office at any given moment is allowed. Should larger numbers of students arrive at the office simultaneously, everyone will be asked to wait their turn outside the building. 

       7. To enter the building, you must wear a face mask covering your nose and mouth. 


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