Spring Ball Rules and Regulations

Spring Ball 2018

Rules and Regulations


General Provisions

Art. 1

Rules and Regulations of the Spring Ball organized by the students of the Jagiellonian University Medical College, Faculty of Medicine, School of Medicine in English, hereinafter called the Rules specify the rules of participation in the Spring Ball, hereinafter called the Ball, organized by the students of the Jagiellonian University Medical College, Faculty of Medicine, School of Medicine in English, hereinafter called the Organizer.

Art. 2

Partaking in the Ball is tantamount to accepting the Rules.

Art. 3

Failure to observe the Rules and/or rules of social intercourse will result in immediate removal from the premises of the Ball.

Art. 4

The Ball is not a mass event in the understanding of the Act of March 20, 2009, on safety at mass events.

Time and location of the Ball

Art. 5

The Ball will take place on April 7, 2018.

Art. 6

The Ball will be held at Interhouse Hotel, ul. Bratysławska 2, 30-001 Kraków.

Art. 7

The Ball will be held in the hours: 7 pm -2 am.

Participants of the Ball

Art. 8

  1. Participants of the Ball are all persons who confirmed their participation in the Ball and are over 18 years old.
  2. Entry to the Ball is granted on the basis of the guest list upon presenting a valid identification by the participant to the Organizer or an authorized person.

Art. 9

The Ball is a black-tie event.

Art. 10

 It is forbidden to bring and/or possess the following to/on the premises of the Ball:

1) weapons, ammunition or any other hazardous objects which could pose a danger to the life or health of the people, or the property;

2) explosives, pyrotechnical materials or substances of similar functionality, as well as any and all fire hazmat;

3) alcohol, narcotics, and psychotropics, or substances of similar functionality;

4) materials with racist, political, xenophobic or vulgar contents;

5) sprayers of gas, caustic or dying substances;   

6) objects that because of their shape or size can impede the course of the Ball;  

7) laser pointers;

8) advertisement materials, with the exception of the materials allowed in writing by the Organizer/owner/administrator/user of the venue;

9) video cameras and cameras or any other sound and/ or image recording devices, except for the ones for strictly private use;

10) animals;

11) any other objects that could interfere with the course of the Ball once they have been qualified in this category by this organizer or an authorized person.

Art. 11

On the premises of the Ball and in its immediate vicinity, it is forbidden to:

1) remain on the premises of the Ball when under clear influence of alcohol, narcotics or psychotropics, or any other substances of similar functionality;

2) enter spaces restricted from the use of the Ball participants, especially: structures or appliances not for public use, facade of the building, fences, walls, roofs, lighting appliances, trees, any sort of masts, or enter any other spaces, appliances or rooms access to which is granted only to emergency services or representatives of the Organizer;

3) throw objects;

4) propagate and display obscene, vulgar or racist ideas, or instigate nationalistic, religious, social, political, or other feuds;

5) soil or litter the venue;

6) kindle fire; 

7) use the venue equipment not for what it was intended;

8) locate objects in a way that will restrict visibility to other participants of the Ball or obscure the visibility of advertisement materials, or block the fire exits.

Art. 12

Entering the Ball is tantamount to agreeing to the use of one’s image in production, presentation, advertisement or use of any film, video or audio recording of the Ball.


Art. 13

The participants of the Ball are obliged to fully comply with the commands given by the Organizer or authorized persons.

Art. 14

The Organizer is not liable for any damage or material losses experienced by the participants of the Ball.

Final provisions

Art. 15

The Organizer, out of concern for the safety of the participants of the Ball, reserves the right to change the Rules, providing that the participants of the Ball are informed of the changes in a customarily accepted way, including via advertisement boards, Internet etc.





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