Coronavirus – practical information


  • For information on the situation in Poland, please visit the state website (in Polish only).


  • For new from Kraków, go here (in Polish only).


  • If you  observe any symptoms of COVID-19 and you have reasons to believe that you might have contracted it (e.g. you have recently travelled to one of the countries with an increased number of COVID-19 cases or had contact with an infected person), you should quarantine yourself immediately and contact the respective epidemiologic centre:

Stacja Sanitarno-Epidemiologiczna
Address: Prądnicka 76, 31-202 Kraków
Phone: 12 254 95 55
opening hrs: Monday – Friday:  07:30–15:05, Weekend: Closed

DO NOT go to an emergency room or any doctor’s office without first consulting the epidemiologic centre.

  • We ask that you treat the period between March 11 and March 25, 2020, as the time of self-quarantine and stay at home as much as possible, both in your own and others’ best interest. Please refrain from partaking in any events, especially those with large numbers of participants. Adhere to all the preventive measures at your disposal, paying particular attention to maintaining personal hygiene.
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