Application timeline and forms

Dates and deadlines

Application submission for the 2018/2019 academic year: January 10, 2018 – June 29, 2018

Interview sessions in 2018

Location Month Day Deadline for documents
Kraków April 9 – 12 April 6
Toronto, Canada April 23 – 24 April 18
Chicago, IL USA May 18 – 19 May 14
Rochester, NY USA June 18 – 19 June 13
Kraków July 2 – 6 June 29

Program start: August 27, 2018 (TBC)

Places limit: 40

Registration and application forms

Applications to this program are accepted through

the Online Application System

Each candidate must generate an individual OAS account.

Application fee: 75 PLN / 18 EUR / 20 USD


To apply to this program, please register using one of the following links:

a) if you hold Polish citizenship (either on its own or in addition to any other), go here;

NOTE: It is important that you declare your Polish citizenship. As a Polish citizen, you do not need a visa to enter Poland. Your citizenship will be verified if you apply for a legalisation of your stay in Poland upon arrival to Krakow. If you do have Polish citizenship you may request a health insurance from the University valid for the whole period of your studies. It is recommended that you make sure your polish passport has not expired.

b) if you DO NOT hold Polish citizenship, go here.

Only applications supported with all required documents (see DOCUMENTS REQUIRED section above) will be processed.

Forms required after admission:
In order to view the forms, you need to have adobe acrobat reader.

Immunization Form   

Health Certificate   

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