Preparatory Course in Biology, Chemistry and Logic

The Preparatory Course in Biology, Chemistry and Logic is tailored for persons who wish to expand their knowledge of Biology, Chemistry and Logic.

About the Course

Date: June 29 – July 6, 2020suspended due to COVID-19 pandemic; please monitor this site for information on an online alternative

Duration: 8 days: Monday through Monday, 8 hours* a day

Location: Jagiellonian University Medical College facilities in Kraków, Poland

The material covered: Curriculum overview** (20h of Biology, 20h of Chemistry and 8h of Logic)

* Classes in Logic will be held on Saturday (June 30, 2020) and Monday (July 6, 2020), 4 hours a day.
** The curriculum of the course focuses on the material tested on the JU MC SME entrance examination.


Price and Payment

Price: 850 Euro (no longer applies – course suspended until further notice)


The price includes 48 hours of schooling, 8 lunches, a meeting with an admission officer and 1 guided trip around Kraków and its monuments.


How to Apply

To apply for the Preparatory Biology and Chemistry Course complete the application FORM and return it to Jagiellonian University Medical College, School of Medicine in English via e-mail (in PDF format) to the following address.

Application deadline: June 19, 2020.


Additional Information

Accommodation in the JU CM Dormitory is available for the participants of the course. Details on the dormitories are available here: School Dormitory

Should you wish to book a room at the dormitory for the duration of the course, please mark it in the designated section on the Course Application Form.


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