School of Medicine in English

School of Medicine in English at the Faculty of Medicine opened its doors to the first students in 1994. Its rapid development resulted in currently educating nearly 700 students coming from five different continents and twenty countries. Most of School’s students are Norwegian, American and Canadian nationals.

The School’s educational offer includes a  medical and dental programs taught in English, where the latter was launched in 2010. Upon completion of those programs, students receive a diploma of the Jagiellonian University and are awarded internationally recognized titles of Lekarz or Lekarz Dentysta (equivalents of MD and DDS) respectively.

The School’s faculty is composed of the most experienced JU lecturers and visiting professors from the USA, Canada and Germany. The standards of the English-language programs offered by the School are based not only on the Polish teaching requirements but also on specifications provided by the European Union and the USA (the US Department of Education Loan Program, Medical Board of California).

Students of the final years at the School have an exciting opportunity of completing clinical elective rotations at such universities as: University of California San Diego, University of California Irvine, University of California Los Angeles, Loma Linda University Medica Center, University of Rochester School of Medicine and Dentistry, and Case Western Reserve University in Cleveland.

The School of Medicine in English cooperates with institutions playing important role in the American and European educational systems, like the National Board of Examiners (NBME), Association of American Medical Colleges (AAMC), and European Board of Medical Assessors (EBMA). Together with 30 other world-class medical universities around the globe, Jagiellonian University partakes in the Global Health Learning Opportunities (GHLO) project developed in cooperation with the AAMC. The GHLO project aims at facilitating student elective rotations migration between the universities through their electronic registration. 

Graduates of the School of Medicine in English are completing their residencies and postgraduate training in university hospitals in various countries such as the USA, Canada, Australia, England, Ireland, Norway, Sweden, as well as Poland.