Facility Description

Hostel Complex of JUCM in Prokocim ul. Badurskiego


Address: ul. Badurskiego 17, 30-690 Kraków; Hostel B

Administration contact details:

e-mail: zds@cm-uj.krakow.pl

phone: (+48) 12 658-54-27





Newly renovated dormitories of the JU MC are located in Prokocim, one of the southern districts of Kraków. They are surrounded by greenery, with modern sports fields, tennis courts and recreational paths available on the campus premises.

They are also located close to some other JU MC institutions such as the Institute of Pediatrics of JUCM, Faculty of Pharmacy, Medical Library, Study Centre for Physical Education and Sport, and Institute of Physiotherapy. Dormitory residents also have at their disposal a large shopping centre located just a stone’s throw from the facilities.

The campus premises are equipped with a visual monitoring system, and the area is guarded by security services to ensure the safety of the residents.

More details can be found on the website of the facility.

Room types and rates

The dormitories offer various types of rooms at a range of prices. Each room has an en-suite bathroom.

Rates in the academic year 2023/24
(starting October 1, 2023)

Type of room

Sole occupancy

Shared occupancy

single room

1300 PLN per month


standard double room


640 PLN per month

large double room


770 PLN per month

Rent is due by the 10th of each month and is either to be made to the dormitory’s bank account or paid in cash to the dormitory administration on site.



  • A shared kitchen with a dining area on each floor;
  • An individual locked storage in the kitchen for each resident;
  • Laundry and dryer rooms;
  • Aerobics and multi-function rooms;
  • Monitored car parks for motorized residents;
  • Internet access: via WiFi and landline. To use WiFi, the residents must log in using their JU email account. To use the landline, one will need a patch cord.
  • Bedding and bedclothes are provided.

How to get there

The dormitories enjoy direct tram service with c. 20min travel time to the city centre.

The location is accessible with 4 tram and 12 bus routes. Direction: Nowy Bieżanów, Stop: Prokocim Szpital. Timetables are available here.

Public transportation search engine: Jakdojade Kraków.

Checking in

You check in at the front desk presenting a valid photo ID. The front desk operates 24/7. If you arrive past 11 pm, you will need to ring the door phone to be let in.

Rooms are assigned upon check-in unless special arrangements have been made in advance (e.g. in case of disability).