Student ID

Student ID is a document confirming one’s student status and entitlement to statutory discounts. For the purpose of student’s identification, the ID contains the basic personal data (encoded onto the chip) and a photograph. It is issued to every JU MC SME student at the beginning of their 1st year free of charge.



The ID requires biannual prolongation. The expiry date is shown on the holograms (the stickers on the back of the ID;  valid by March 31 and October 31 of each year). The ID is prolonged by a staff member at the School Office on the condition that the student has met all their obligations (academic and monetary) towards the university.

Student IDs validity during the pandemic

Pursuant to the Law on Higher Education and Science dated July 20, 2018 (art. 51b sec. 4 and art. 198b) – student IDs remain valid over the period of limited or suspended functioning of the university and 60 days after return to regular functioning, without the need of confirming the validity.

Hence, all IDs that were validated with a stamp dated 31.03.2020 or 31.10.2020 remain valid until November 29, 2021, without the need of validating it at the office (and obtaining a new sticker). Information on the legal basis of the above (in Polish only): here.


Discounts and privileges

The student ID entitles its holder to statutory discounts: 50% discount on the city public transportation (no age limit), and discounts in long-distance public transportation such as coaches and trains (by the age of 26 years old). It will also enable one to benefit from various commercial offers directed to students (e.g. discounts in bookstores).


Additional functions

The student ID can also serve as a library card or a public transportation pass, once encoded with appropriate information by respective bodies. To have a tram pass encoded onto the ID, one needs to visit the MPK office (see “Punkt Sprzedaży Biletów”).



If the ID is lost, stolen or damaged, a duplicate can be issued by the School Office. To request a duplicate of the ID, a student must fill out the FORM, and submit it to the School Office along with the confirmation of payment for the reissue (unless the reissue is required due to a faulty original ID).

Charge Reason
33 PLN ID is lost, stolen or damaged
22 PLN change of any of the personal data printed on the ID (name, surname, address)
0 PLN faulty original


The payment is to be made to the following account:

Bank: PEKAO S.A. Oddzial w Krakowie

Address: ul. Pijarska 1, 31-015 Krakow, Polska

account no: PL 82 1240 4722 1111 0000 4850 1112



Account holder:

Szkoła Medyczna dla Obcokrajowcow Wydzialu Lekarskiego

Collegium Medicum Uniwersytetu Jagiellonskiego

31-008 Krakow, ul. Sw. Anny 12,

phone: (48 12) 422 80 42

fax: (48 12) 421 28 69


The payment CANNOT be made in cash at the School Office.

Once cancelled, the ID CANNOT be reactivated. In case the old ID is found or otherwise retrieved, it MUST be immediately returned to the School Office.

If a bus/tram pass was encoded onto the ID, the student will need to get their new ID encoded with the pass anew. To do that one will need to visit the MPK ticket office.


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