Polish Nationals

Insurance obligation

Students are required to have a valid health and accident insurance for the duration of their study. Lack thereof may put one to the expense of any and all incurred medical costs.

Who is entitled

Polish nationals are entitled to insurance within the Polish national health fund (NFZ) through the agency of the University if:

  • they are over 26 years old and hold no other title for health insurance coverage (i.e. they are not employed, not registered as unemployed, cannot be included in their spouse’s insurance plan);
  • they are under 26 years old but for a valid reason cannot be included in their parents’, grandparents’ insurance plan. *

*Polish nationals under the age of 26 who are not employed, self-employed or registered as unemployed should be included in the insurance plan of their parents or grandparents. 

Scope of insurance coverage 

The insurance entitles its holder to use the public health service.

How to apply

To apply, one is required to submit a completed application form together with a copy of a valid Polish photo ID (i.e. a passport or Polish ID card – dowód osobisty) to the School Office.

For more detailed information, as well we the required forms, visit here

Upon registration, proof of which will be available at the School Office, the student should register with a GP of their choice. Student’s insurance coverage is verified by the health care providers with the use of the patient’s PESEL number.