Documents required

The application is to be submitted through the Online Application System (IRK). It should include the following documents:

  1. letter of recommendation  (One A4 page long letter in English from a teacher, school counsellor, professor, volunteer coordinator, etc. The letter should show a candidate’s aptitude for science & MD/DDS studies. The letter is to be directly uploaded into the OAS by its author.);
  2. photocopy of the diploma of secondary education or a photocopy of high school certificate (transcript of grades) or a photocopy of supplementary education certificate comprising grades in the following subjects: biology/physics and chemistry;
  3. photocopy of a document confirming knowledge of English language if secondary education was conducted in a language other than English;
  4. a statement confirming the high school graduation date and the date of high school diploma release (if applicable). When applying with predicted grades, a statement showing your graduation date and the date of your high school diploma/secondary school leaving certificate must be provided. The document is to be signed by a respective school authority (ex. headteacher, school counsellor) and it should be uploaded to the OAS by a candidate.


  1. If admitted to the program, a candidate must provide a high school diploma/secondary school leaving certificate by the end of the enrollment round. Finalizing the enrollment procedure is not possible without submitting the high school diploma/secondary school leaving certificate.
  2. Failure to submit a high school diploma/secondary school leaving certificate within the appointed deadline for enrollment procedure will render an application incomplete and prohibit it from further processing.   
  3. After confirming registration in the OAS, access to the Chemistry Guides and examination tests from previous years will be granted to the candidate.


Upon acceptance for admission an applicant is obliged to submit the following documents:

  1. a document confirming knowledge of the English language provided that secondary education was conducted in a language other than English,
  2. health certificate (see Application Timeline and Forms),
  3. immunization proof (see Application Timeline and Forms),
  4. photocopy of a document certifying possession of insurance policy (health and accident insurance) valid for the period of study in Poland, or a photocopy of European Health Insurance Card (EHIC) (applies to candidates who do not hold Polish citizenship),
  5. photocopy of birth certificate (concerning applicants not holding Polish citizenship),
  6. a high school-leaving examination certificate or diploma of secondary education, which entitles its holder to be considered for admission to a medical program in the state it was obtained in, certified with an affixed apostille.

NOTE: Recognition of secondary certificates and diplomas

Most certificates do not require undergoing any additional recognition procedures in Polish governmental offices since they are recognized by virtue of law. If your document was issued in one of the countries enlisted below, you do not need to apply for a recognition decision. (Please remember that the document still has to prove your eligibility to undertake studies in the issuing country!)

The following certificates are recognized by virtue of law:

  1. Issued by schools or education institutions operating within the education framework of a member state of the European Union, a member state of Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD), a member state of European Free Trade Association (EFTA)—a party to the Agreement on European Economic Area, entitling its holder to apply for university admission in those countries (Article 93(1)(1) of the Polish Act on the Education System).
  2. International Baccalaureate diplomas and European Baccalaureate certificates.
  3. Certificates are recognized on the basis of an international agreement signed by Poland with other countries. Detailed information about such international agreements is available on the Ministry of Science and Higher Education website (in Polish only).

If the certificate does not fall within any of the above-mentioned categories, it has to undergo the administrative procedure for its recognition as a document that gives its holder the right to undertake higher education, by a decision issued by the Education Officer (kurator oświaty). For the Jagiellonian University, the appropriate education office is Małopolskie Kuratorium Oświaty in Kraków (website available in Polish only). The decision should be obtained by the end of the first semester.

If you have been granted a nostrification before 31 March 2015 and your certificate does not fall within any of the above-mentioned categories, please include the certificate of nostrification in your set of required documents submitted to the university.