Health insurance via the university

Health insurance application for a student via the University can only be submitted at the request of the student and upon their declaration of not being covered with any other health insurance plan (application forms and declarations below).

Required documents

Students: Polish nationals:

  • Polish ID card (Pol. dowód osobisty);
  • Student ID card (validated for the current semester).

Students: foreigners – EU and EFTA nationals:

  • Passport or other formal ID;
  • Student ID;
  • PESEL number (if one was ever assigned).

Students: non-EU/EFTA nationals of Polish origin (as per the rules and regulations on repatriation):

  • passport;
  • Karta Polaka or another document confirming one’s Polish origin;
  • Student ID;
  • Contract of voluntary health insurance with the NFZ in Kraków (ul. Batorego 24);
  • PESEL number (if one was ever assigned).

Insurance coverage for student’s family member

A student with the NFZ health insurance plan provided by the University may also secure insurance coverage for their immediate family members (e.g. unemployed spouse and/or children).

Required documents:

  • Spouse’s ID card (Pol. dowód osobisty);
  • Marriage certificate;
  • Child’s birth certificate;
  • Child’s PESEL number.


Legal basis

Regulation no. 8 of V-Rector of the JU for didactics dated June 27, 2018, on the rules of health insurance coverage of the JU students and doctoral students  (document in Polish)


Application form for health insurance coverage for a student over 26 years old: here

Application form for health insurance coverage for a student’s immediate family member: here

Discontinuing health insurance coverage: here