General Provisions

  1. Summer clerkship is an integral part of the curriculum and is taken during summer vacations. Its completion is necessary for promotion to the subsequent academic year and prolonging student ID.
  2. Summer clerkship can be completed in a healthcare unit (i.e. a hospital, preferably a teaching hospital, with two exceptions, which are: 1st-year clerkship can be completed at nursing homes, and 2nd-year clerkship can be completed in a GP office or a private outpatient clinic).
  3. Clerkship program should be consistent with the program of the respective clerkship at home School in terms of the topics and procedures covered, as well as the number of weeks and hours required.
  4. Credit for the clerkship will be granted only when the Certificate of Completion of Summer Clerkship (download here: MD, DDS) including the program of the clerkship is fully filled out by a respective supervisor and delivered to the School Office by the end of the respective academic year. For instructions, please see the footnote on the said document.
  5. Furthermore, a student needs to register all the performed procedures in the List of Approved Procedures (applies to medical students)/ Register of Dental Procedures Performed by a Student (applies to dental students) aka. Procedure Book, which is to be completed in its entirety and delivered to the School Office not later than 4 weeks before the graduation date (i.e. the last day of classes). Delivering the completed document to the School Office within the appointed time frame is requisite for issuing the diploma.
  6. To successfully graduate from a medical program, a student needs to complete summer clerkships as listed in the table below. For program specifications, please refer to the appropriate sections below.
  7. In case of any difficulties in meeting all the summer clerkship requirements, students should inform the Dean of such a case in advance.


Summer Clerkship Number of weeks Number of hours
Patient Care (Nursing) 4 120
Primary Care (Family Medicine) 3 90
Emergency Medicine 1 30
Internal Medicine 4 120
Pediatrics 2 60
Surgery 2 60
OB/Gyn 2 60
Intensive Care 2 60
Total 20 600