Is it only in Autumn that the medicine program starts, or does it start in the Spring as well?

MD and DDS programs start only in Autumn at the JU MC School of Medicine in English.


Does your University have any prep courses for students who do not have English or Polish language certificate?

We lead The Preparatory Course in Biology and Chemistry that is tailored for persons who wish to expand their knowledge of Biology and Chemistry or brush up on the material for the recruitment process.

Neither Polish nor English language certificate is needed to take part in the Preparatory Course in Biology and Chemistry. JU MC SME does not offer any preparatory courses in English devised specifically for potential applicants to its programs.


Where and when is the Preparatory Course administered and conducted?

The Preparatory Course is held in Kraków and it takes place during the first week of July.


How much does it cost? What is included in the Preparatory Course’s price?

The Preparatory Course costs 850 EU, but early registration price (by March 31) is 750 EU.

The price includes 40 hours of schooling, 6 lunches and a guided tour around Kraków and its monuments.


I would like to transfer to your university but couldn’t find the requirements for a transfer student. Would you please help me on that?

Currently, there are no spots available for transfers in the School of Medicine in English.


Apart from Medicine, can you recommend other programmes in foreign languages?

You may find a full list of programmes available in foreign languages on the Jagiellonian University website. More information can be obtained from the Department of Admissions and the International Students Mobility Office.


Do you provide any kind of accommodation for your students?

The School offers its students accommodation in the School Dormitory. Detailed information you find on the School Dormitory tab.


Do I have to pay any kind of application fee?

Yes, the application fee is 75 PLN/ 18 EU/ 20 USD. After your registration in the Online Application System (OAS) is completed and all information is filled in, a unique bank account number is generated to which you should pay the application fee. The bank account number is visible after login in the registration card.


Whom should I contact if I have problems with my OAS account?

If you have problems with your OAS account and you are not able to solve them with the information provided on the OAS website, you may contact the Department of Admissions at or by phone +48 12 663 14 01, 14 08, 14 41, 14 81.


Do I need work experience in the medical field (such as hospital/lab internships)?

You do not need work experience to apply for admission, but it is an advantage for the applicants to the MD program for University/College Graduates.


Can you tell me more about life in Kraków?

Kraków is very popular among tourists because of its history, culture and heritage. The city boasts both a long history and a modern feel. It is also one of the biggest academic centres in Poland. To learn more about its attractions and offer, you may visit the following website.


Do you have a contact person/representatives/agents for India?

No, at the moment our School does not have any agents in India.


Do you accept student loans?

You may find information about US Direct Loans on our website.


Am I eligible for scholarships based on my nationality and education status, and if so, what are the guidelines of the scholarships? 

Unfortunately, we do not offer scholarships to international students.



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