Tuition fees


Admission in 2022/23

Program Year Fee
MD program in English one through six
15 000 Euro/year
DDS program first and second 13 000 Euro/year
  third 14 500 Euro
  fourth and fifth 15 000 Euro/year


Admission in 2021/22

Program Year Fee
MD program in English one through six
14 500 Euro/year
DDS program first and second 12 000 Euro/year
  third 13 500 Euro
  fourth and fifth 14 000 Euro/year

Admission in 2019/20 and 2020/21

Program Year Fee
MD program in English first 14 000 Euro
  subsequent 14 000 Euro/year
DDS program first and second 11 000 Euro/year
  third 12 500 Euro
  fourth and fifth 13 000 Euro/year


Admission in 2018/19 and earlier

Program Year Admission in 18/19 Admission in 17/18 Admission in 16/17 and earlier
MD program for University/ College graduates

54 000 Euro/whole program

13 400 Euro 12 400 Euro
  subsequent 13 000 Euro/year 12 000 Euro/ year
MD program for High School graduates first 13 000 Euro 12 400 Euro 11 400 Euro
  subsequent 13 000 Euro 12 000 Euro/year 11 000 Euro/year
DDS program first and second 11 000 Euro/year 11 000 Euro/year 11 000 Euro/year
  third 12 500 Euro 12 500 Euro 12 500 Euro
  fourth and fifth 13 000 Euro/year 13 000 Euro/year 13 000 Euro/year


Tuition fees can be settled either in full or in two installments each year. If the payment is split into two installments, the first one mustn’t be smaller than half of the full sum.

Program First installment/Full payment Second installment
MD program for University/ College Students September 1 February 15
MD program for High School graduates September 30 February 15
DDS program September 30 February 15

Account number

The tuition fee is to be paid by bank check or bank transfer to the following account:


Account holder:

Uniwersytet Jagielloński Collegium Medicum

31-008 Kraków, ul. św. Anny 12,

Bank: PEKAO S.A. Oddział w Krakowie

Address: ul. Pijarska 1, 31-015 Kraków, Polska

account no. (IBAN): PL 07 1240 4722 1978 0000 4849 6069



Note: Student’s full name and surname must be included in the title of the payment for its proper accounting.

Interest Fees

As of the academic year 2017/18, the JU MC SME exercises the right to charge interest fees for late payments of tuition fees as per the specifications in the Monitor Polski 2016 (English: Official Gazette of the Republic of Poland), item 47, vol.1.

Student’s financial obligations towards the University are stipulated in the Contract signed by the Student and the University (§4, points 2.3 and 3, and §5), as well as JU Study Rules and Regulations. The interest fee is a percentage calculated from the amount paid after the original deadline expired as of the date the payment was received by the University.  The percentage is determined by the Ministry of Justice; the rate for 2017 is 7%. In cases where no payments are received towards the tuition fee by December 31, interest fee is calculated on the first day of the consecutive semester.

The minimal amount of interest fee is 11 Euro and is charged for all tuition fee payments received by the University after the appointed deadline.

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