MD Program for University/ College Students

What documents are required to apply for the MD program for University/College students?

Your application must include:

  • Complete registration form (printed, dated and signed),
  • Motivation letter,
  • Official college/university transcript of grades (in sealed envelope),
  • Photocopy of a certificate of current MCAT/GAMSAT score,
  • Letters of recommendation from college/university,
  • Curriculum vitae,
  • 1 passport photograph.


Do I need to provide you with my University diploma?

Yes, in order to be eligible for admission to the MD program for College/University students you need to present University diploma (at least Bachelor’s degree) or equivalent.


Do you need any other certifications or diplomas?

You are required to deliver a high school-leaving certificate or diploma of secondary education that makes you eligible for admission to medical or dental programs in the state it was issued.


Are there any specific courses that one needs to have completed before admission for the studies? Is it necessary to complete them in the course of higher education?

At least two semesters in each of the following courses are required to be eligible for admission to the studies:

  • Biology (at least two semesters);
  • General Chemistry (two semesters, including one semester with laboratories);
  • Organic Chemistry (two semesters, including one semester with laboratories);
  • Physics (two semesters, one semester with laboratories);
  • A subject from the group of humanities or social sciences (minimum two semesters);
  • Mathematics (at least two semesters), one semester of calculus.

They should be completed during higher education or complimentary education.


Do I still need MCAT or GAMSAT if I graduated from the U.K.?

Yes, we require the certificate of current MCAT or GAMSAT from all applicants.


What are the minimum MCAT and GAMSAT scores that you accept?

The minimum MCAT score is 498 points and GAMSAT – 56 (total score) starting from 2018.


How long are my MCAT and GAMSAT scores valid?

They are valid for three-year period of time after passing the exam.


I passed MCAT/GAMSAT more than once. Do you take under consideration my highest or latest score?

We recognize your highest valid score.


Do you require interview for admission to the MD program for College/University students? What is the form of interview and where are they taken?

Yes, interview is an essential part of recruitment procedure.

Direct interview is being conducted by at least two members of the Examination Panel. In case of two interviews one of them may be carried out by telephone, nevertheless mode of interviewing remains at the discretion of the Faculty Recruitment Committee.

The list of locations and the dates of the interviews is available on our School website.


What are the subjects raised during the interview?

During the interview following topics are addressed:

  • Curriculum vitae and motivation for undertaking medical studies,
  • Experience in aid organizations (non-governmental, humanitarian, charity),
  • Interpersonal skills and communicativeness.


How do you calculate my GPA (mean score) of all courses listed on the official university/college transcript?

GPA is calculated from the following formula:

y = 4*{[(4*(x – min))/(max min)] + 1}


y – points obtained by the applicant for the mean score (GPA),

x – mean score (GPA) for the courses,

min – lowest positive grade, in the scale in which the score of courses (GPA) was calculated,

max – highest positive grade, analogously to min.

Scores value from 0 to 20.


What should my motivation letter include?

Motivation letter should be a one page essay (A4, TNR 12, single space) describing the reasons for choosing medical studies.


How many letters of recommendation should I provide? What form should they have?

We ask you to deliver from 1 to 3 letters of recommendation that should be written by your college/university professors.