Message from the Embassy of Canada

Calling Canadian Students!

Please register with the Registry of Canadians Abroad at

This service means we can reach you directly, quickly, with the most up to date information.

LOT Airlines is offering a charter flight from Warsaw Chopin International airport to Toronto on April 3rd. Please note that we have no information of any further flights at this time, including flights related to existing reservations you may have. 

We urge travellers who wish to return to Canada to take advantage of this flight. At this time, our understanding is that those who choose not to return to Canada on this flight may have to remain in Poland until regular flights resume. The timing of future flights is unknown and may not be for months, and our ability to provide consular service may be seriously curtailed due to mobility restrictions in Poland.

The embassy has to confirm your eligibility in order for LOT to book you on this flight.  Please contact the embassy at

For those students waiting for a Residency Permit, it is our understanding that appointments have been cancelled or postponed, and delays may occur.

Best regards and health in these difficult times,

Jeanette Sautner

Counsellor (Political) | Counselliere (Affaires politiques)

Email | Courriel:
Telephone | Téléphone:     +48 22 584 3250
Facsimile | Télécopieur:     +48 22 584 3190

Embassy of Canada to Poland | Ambassade du Canada en Pologne
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