Volunteering experience counted towards summer clerkships

As per Decision no. 7 of the V-Rector of the JU MC dated March 26, 2021, on the practical classes for students in the Małopolskie Voivodeship hospitals, students who wish to volunteer their help to the hospitals strained by the Covid-19 pandemic:

  1. are kindly asked to reach out directly to the administration of the chosen hospital to establish the mode of providing their assistance.
  2. The experience gained during the voluntary service will be counted towards the summer clerkship based on the certificate obtained from the hospital.
  3. Student needs to inform the School Office of their volunteering or plans thereof to establish the details of crediting the volunteering experience towards the summer clerkship.
  4. The above decision is binding as of the date of its publication. It can be repealed or modified at any given time.


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