Some applications are processed in USOSweb (as opposed to processing a document submitted in a physical form). The „Applications” module of USOSweb enables Students to file applications to the Dean, as well as receive decisions connected with these applications.

Below is a curated list of applications most useful to a JU MC SME Student. The full list is available once a Student logs in to their USOSweb profile and proceeds to Student’s Section and next Applications.

The entire module as well as the process of submitting an application is described in the Applications – Help in the Student’s Section.

Click HERE for a description of the submission process.

A curated list of available types of applications:

Circumstances Type of application

When to submit – explained in layperson’s terms*
*not legally binding – for the full version, please refer to the Rules and Regulations

Atypical academic progress

Application for transfer and acknowledgement of ECTS credits

You already completed a similar course at a UNIVERSITY and would like to have that credit recognised by the JU MC

Request for awarding credit for practice by a student who has confirmed experience corresponding to aims and outcomes of practice

You already gained experience in a given field and have documents to validate that. You would like to have that experience recognized and credited by the JU MC.

Request for consent to take higher-year courses

You want to apply for consent to take courses scheduled for a higher year of study in your programme of studies. The divergence from the regular study plan should be circumstantiated by the student. 

Request for consent to pass courses not covered by the study programme/perform part of the study programme in other higher education institutions, including those abroad

You want to do some extracurricular work and have it included in your transcript.


Request for consent to repeat a year of study

You failed one or more courses and did not obtain the min. of 50 ECTS points, or you did obtain the min. of 50 ECTS points but failed a flagship course.

It does not apply to the first year of studies, which cannot be repeated,


Request for consent for another repetition of a year of study

Look above – you did it again

Transferring from the JU to a different University


Notice of intention of transferring to another University

You want to terminate your studies at the JU MC and transfer to another university


Didn’t sit an exam

Motion for recognising failure in sitting an exam as justified

You didn’t sit for an exam and want your absence excused so that you can keep your right to two attempts at the exam.
You must do this within seven (7) days from the scheduled examination date. 

Failed an exam

Request for commission examination

You failed the exam but have reservations about how it was conducted, evaluated, or about the scope of the material that was tested. You want to contest the exam and you are able to corroborate your claims.
You must submit the claim within 21 days of the announcement of the results, but not later than on September 20th of the given academic year.

Failed an exam twice

Request for consent to determine the third exam date for a given course during the same academic year

An academic life buoy – you only get one during the entire 5 (DDS) or 6 (MD) years. You failed an exam twice but don’t want to repeat the entire course (or year), or to be expelled.
See USOSweb for deadlines.

Failed a course

Request for conditional registration for the next year of studies


You failed one or more non-flagship courses but you did obtain the min. of 50 ECTS points in the current academic year; essentially, you are asking permission to retake the failed course(s).

Note: If you did not obtain the min of 50 ETCS points, please see, here: Request for consent to repeat a year of study

Leave of absence

Notice of student’s leave of absence

You want to take time off for personal reasons.
You need to apply for it before the start of the semester that you want to take off.


Motion for dean’s leave

You want to take time off from school because your current situation makes it impossible to participate in classes.
It can be granted to you at any time during the academic year


Request for registration after dean’s/student leave

You took some officially approved time off from school, but now you want to come back and continue with your education.
You have to file the motion before the start of classes in a given semester.

Student ID

Request for electronic student card duplicate

Your student ID was lost, stolen, or damaged and you need a new one.


Request for electronic student card replacement

You need to change your student ID to correct/ change some information that is printed on it (PESEL number, surname etc).


Request for a change of address for correspondence

You moved and now have to update your address in our system so that you continue to receive your school-related correspondence.