SARS-CoV-2 prevention measures – March 10 update – IMPORTANT



as per the decision of the Rector of the Jagiellonian University dated March 10, 2020, with the aim of preventing the spread of SARS-CoV-2 amid the JU academia, the following preventive measures are introduced as of now:

  1. All events such as conferences, university-wide events, faculty-wide events, sporting events and other events organized by the Jagiellonian University are cancelled.
  2. All business trips abroad and domestic conference delegations of JU employees, doctoral students and students are cancelled, and the domestic delegations are to be limited to those absolutely necessary.
  3. All visits from foreign guests to the JU are suspended.
  4. All JU Museum expositions – Collegium Maius, Pharmacy Museum, Botanical Garden – are closed for visitors.
  5. The JU student houses will not take any new tenants, and visits from non-tenants are forbidden.
  6. All lectures for the students and doctoral students of the JU are cancelled, and e-learning is encouraged.
  7. Physical education classes are cancelled.

The above applies until further notice.

Kindest regards,
School Office