Updating email after name change

To modify the email address after the user changed their last name, they must take the following steps (in that particular order):

  1. Students/ doctoral students who are or were employed by the JU have to contact HR (Pol. DSO: Dział Spraw Osobowych; address: ul. Straszewskiego 27, 1st floor) to present their new, valid ID document.
  2. All students/ doctoral students must report the name change to their respective Dean’s offices. In the case of the JU MC SME students, that is the School Office.
  3. Emil a document confirming the name change, and a request to modify the email address accordingly to IT Helpdesk.
  4. After the data has been verified and the account modified, the user will receive a letter with further instructions.

Note: The previous email address will automatically be assigned to the new one as an alias. The contents of the mailbox may be temporarily unavailable after the modification.