DDS and MD Program in English

Do I need a high school-leaving diploma to be eligible for admission to the studies?

Yes, you will need a high school-leaving certification or diploma of secondary education that enables you to study MD programs in the state it was obtained in.


Do I have to complete any specific courses during secondary or supplementary education?

We require you to complete Biology (or Physics) and Chemistry courses during your secondary or supplementary education. The courses should be confirmed by certification including grade (or an entry in diploma of secondary education).


Is an English language proficiency certificate required?

If secondary education was led in a language other than English, a document confirming knowledge of the English language is required (e.g. International English Language Testing System- IELTS at least 6.5 (overall score), Test of English as Foreign Language –TOEFL Paper Based Test at least a 543 points test score and at least 3.5 points from TWE, TOEFL Computer Based Test (TOEFL CBT) at least a 180 points test score and at least 50 points from TWE, TOEFL Internet-Based Test (TOEFL iBT)at least an 87 points, TOEIC min 700).


Do I need to take the entrance exam even if I hold the IB Diploma? 

Yes, you will need to sit the test.


What documents are required to apply for the MD or DDS programs in English?

Your application must include:

  • Photocopy of the diploma of secondary education or a photocopy of high school certificate (transcript of grades) or photocopy of supplementary education certificate comprising grades in the following subjects: biology or physics, and chemistry,
  • Photocopy of a document confirming knowledge of the English language, if secondary education was led in a language other than English.


Am I eligible for scholarships based on my nationality and education status, and if so, what are the guidelines of the scholarships? 

Unfortunately, JU MC SME does not offer scholarships to international students. You may still apply for scholarships from other institutions offering such support.


Am I eligible to apply for MD/DDS program if I am following the A Levels curriculum? If so, what are your requirements for A levels students?

        JU MC SME accepts Advanced levels of courses (three A-level grades).


Can I apply to the JU MC School Of Medicine in English if I hold Polish citizenship?

        An applicant’s nationality has no bearing on their eligibility for the JU MC SME medical or dental program. All nationalities are eligible and considered with the same criteria.


What is the tuition fee for students holding Polish citizenship?

        Student’s citizenship does not affect the tuition fee. The rates are listed here and differ depending on year of enrolment.