Activation step by step

  1. Log in to the USOS web using the username provided in the Confirmation of Enrollment, and your OAS password*. Make sure that the phrase “usosweb” is included in the username: The page will auto-fill “” in the e-mail address field, therefore you need to add in the “usosweb” phrase manually (as shown above). This will only be required when activating the account.
  2. Switch to English version of the site (if necessary);
  3. Proceed to the “Common section” bookmark (dla wszystkich);
  4. Click E-mail activation (AKTYWACJA POCZTY UJ) on the left-hand side menu bar;
  5. Choose the first part of your e-mail address, accept the terms of use, and push “Activate e-mail”

NOTE:  Full activation of an account for a new user of the University Mail may take up to 24h.

Loging in for additional services within the Office Online will be possible via the portal.

In case of any trouble with email activation or loging into USOS web, please contact the IT Department.

*USOS only recognizes the initial OAS password, so if you at any point during your recruitment changed it, you will need to contact the School Office and ask for the password to be reset for you.